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October 2013


I love spring. It is a yearly visual reminder in creation all around us of how life works, and the spiritual principles that govern our world.

Two seasons ago I bought 2 pots of Western Australian Everlasting Daisies and planted them. I collected the seed heads as they died off and popped them in a paper bag to plant the next year. There were hundreds of seeds from those two little pots.

Everlastings covered a section of our front garden where I had planted them in autumn the following spring, and again I collected the seed heads to plant out the following autumn.

This year we have everlastings covering our front and back gardens and potentially thousands of seeds to collect for next year…I’m going to need some help collecting them all!

I love how simple it all is!  Plant a seed, take care of it and that tiny seed will keep multiplying and producing. Why? Because it’s designed to.

It is the same for every area of our lives. The Bible says in Galatians 6:7 “For whatever a man sows, that and that only is what he will reap.”

“What and who we welcome (sow), and allow into our lives is what is going to be produced in our life (reap). If we allow people, attitudes or actions into our life, which aren’t good or profitable for our spiritual, emotional, mental or physical health then those are the things which we will start to produce in our lives. Those “seeds” will in time start to produce a harvest – either for good or for bad depending on what we have sown.

We might not like that truth, but it is the way God has designed the world to work. As you sow so you will reap. If we mix with cheats, liars, unkindness, selfishness, immortality, greed….those are the things we are bringing and sowing into our lives.

God says to choose life and blessing, and to sow those things that are profitable and good for us, because He knows that’s what our lives will start to look like. He wants us to have a life full of joy, blessing and abundant life (John 10:10).

The great part about sowing and reaping is that if we know that some of the things which are being produced in our life are not good such as bad temper, impatience, immorality, harsh words, worry, fear, etc we only need repent, (which kills off that bad seed – a bit like a spiritual weed killer) turn away from that, and start sowing what we want to produce…soon we’ll have a harvest of peace, joy and blessing.

Looking forward to seeing more of those seeds of blessing coming up.Image

2 minute noodles




I woke up this morning thinking about a time nearly 20 years ago when we were first married. Often we would get to the end of the week with just enough money after paying our rent and living expenses to afford 2 minute noodles to eat for the last few days of the week before we were paid again. We were still learning about trusting God, speaking the promises of His word, and that He will provide and care for all our needs. 

One evening after several months of eating 2 minute noodles my husband Philip said “God I’m kinda sick of 2 minute noodles, what I’d really like is a nice roast dinner!”

A few minutes later there was a knock at the door, and we found the pastor’s wife of our church standing on our doorstep with two plates in each hand. “These are for you”. It was two roast dinners, still hot and ready to eat. We thanked her and ate them, grateful that it was not noodles again. On finishing Philip laughingly commented “Mmmm that was great, and what would top it off would be a nice big bowl of desert.” Sure enough a few minutes later there was another knock at the door and the pastor’s wife was again standing on our doorstep with two bowls full of apple crumble and custard (one of Philip’s favorite deserts) which she happily handed to us, plus a roast dinner for each of us for the next night’s dinner.

We later had it explained to us that there had been a board dinner at the church that night and there had been some people who could not attend. As we rented the house next door, they had thought of us and brought the extra dinners over for us to enjoy.

I learnt some things that night that changed my thinking and view of God.

1. That He is a roast dinner kind of God, a God of more than enough. (Ephesians 3:20)

2. That He cares about us, and that it is okay to ASK Him…(John 16:23-24, Psalm 37:3-4)

3. Be available to be used, you may never know the difference you can make in a person’s life by just acting upon the “God promptings” you get to give, or make that call to encourage someone, or simply be the deliverer of some roast dinners!



God the Restorer!

Revelation 2:5 “Remember therefore from where you have fallen; repent and do the first works”.

Repentance in the New Testament means to “change your mind”, to align your thoughts with the thoughts of God. To get into His way of thinking and doing things instead of our own.

This passage in Revelation reveals that repentance also means once we have “changed our mind” and aligned our thoughts with God’s that we are to get back to the top. Back to God’s perspective, back to His ways, back to His truth, His calling, and plan and purpose for our lives, and to see ourselves as God sees us.

God wants to turn our mistakes into a miracle. To rebuild, restore and renew our lives back to the old heights – and even higher. He wants to give us the highest life!

He did it for David after a terrible cycle of sin, denial, loss, scandal and depression. He did it for Peter on a lonely seashore following an all out betrayal. He did it for Joshua after a crushing loss to an inferior foe. He has done it for countless others that I minister to and see every week, and He will do it for anyone who comes to Him with genuine repentance. Our mistakes don’t have to be the end of God’s vision in our life.

“Nothing you’ve ever do is so repulsive that God can’t redeem your potential and love you through it. And the small stuff matter as well. The very sin you’ve been ignoring and minimising may be the one that’s limiting your ability to rise to greater heights in God. The most powerful sin in your life is the one you haven’t confessed yet.

If you want to see God do the impossible in your life. You can’t try and ignore the things you’ve done wrong. Don’t hide them. Don’t deny them. And certainly don’t crumble beneath the weight of them. Bring them to Jesus. And let him make something miraculous out of them.” (Steve Furtick – “Sun Stand Still”)

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