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September 2016

30 Sept – “Tackle the Shackle’


Have you ever felt like you are shackled and weighed down under a heavy burden or yoke?

Many times we can feel like we are in chains, and just can’t break free of a situation or limitation in our life.

That’s where God has some good news! He says He has broken the shackles, chains and burdens off our backs. He wants us to take hold of what He says and has done for us, and apply it to our lives. In other words we “tackle the shackle with truth!”

I love the account of Jesus setting free the demon possessed man. This wreck of a man who Jesus crossed a sea to reach, had been shackled and chained both in the physical and spiritual realm. His life had been overcome by forces of evil, and he was in constant torment; chained, and shackled in every way, with no means of escape.

Jesus arrives on the scene and instantly sees, and has compassion on this man, setting him radically and amazingly free. One encounter with Jesus changed his life forever, as every chain was broken, and every shackle obliterated. (Luke 8:26-39)

The good news is that Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What he did for that man he will do for us. The shackles and chains He broke off to set him free, he will break off of all who come to Him. Whether it is a shackle of fear, sickness, poverty, addiction, sin abuse, hurt, worry, or anxiety- whatever it is.  If God says it, you can believe it, and He says that the truth will set you free. He says you are greatly loved, and nothing can separate you from His love. He says that He came to destroy the works of the devil. That any shackle can, and will be broken when we ask Jesus into our life, and choose to believe and stand on His word.

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

 We need to know how to walk in our victory, and to know who we are in Jesus. If there is anything that is raising its ugly head against what Jesus has done for us, then we can tackle it with His word, and see every chain and shackle obliterated.

Today let Jesus into every area of your life; let the truth of what He has done, and what He says about your life and future break every chain. God has a plan, and an extraordinary, joy filled life for you to live. (John 10:10) Don’t waste another minute; Tackle whatever is holding you in the shackle, and step into and walk in your freedom.

Have a listen to this great song that declares what Jesus has done for us:

“Now I will break their yoke from your neck and tear your shackles away.” (Nahum 1:3)

Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble; He saved them out of their distresses. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death And broke their bands (shackles) apart. Let them give thanks to the LORD for His loving-kindness, And for His wonders to the sons of men.” (Psalm 107:14)

For I am convinced [and continue to be convinced—beyond any doubt] that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present and threatening, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the [unlimited] love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 8:38-39)




29 Sept -Worry or Worship?


I have a vacuuming song. I sing it regularly under cover of my vacuum cleaner, which for some weird reason is very noisy.

I’ve found that when I am frustrated, annoyed or worrying about something I need to be careful of the words I speak. Too often we can pray one thing, but then when we come under pressure we say the complete opposite of what we have prayed. This is counter- productive to our prayers, essentially making them ineffective. That’s when we need to “zip it” and not say anything at all unless it agrees with what God says.

That’s where my vacuuming song comes in handy. I may be wanting to spout a whole lot of faithless, doubt filled rubbish out of my mouth, because I am feeling annoyed or anxious; so instead I’ve learnt to take my frustration and worries out on my vacuuming. I start to sing my song. I sing because I choose to turn “my worry into worship”, knowing that when I worship God I will start to see from the perspective of heaven; from the knowledge of who God is and what He is capable of, rather than just seeing my struggle. That changes how I look at my problem or issue, and it instantly brings God onto the scene.

So I sing my song which happens to be, “Jehovah Jireh” my provider”. Jehovah Jireh is one of the names God uses to explain his character. It means the “Lord who provides”, which covers pretty much everything in life. He provides strength, joy, love, comfort, peace, finances, health, healing, wisdom, clarity, boldness… It’s just one of the names of God that reveals an aspect of who He is, and what He promises.

I’ve discovered over the years that one of the most powerful methods of turning worry into worship is to constantly have a growing understanding of who God is. One of the ways to do this is to understand His different names ,and what they reveal about Him.

In the Bible a person’s name usually said something about that person’s character or destiny. This is why the many names of God are vitally important for us to see and understand. Each name of God reveals something about His character. At the same time, God’s names show us many different ways in which He is there to help us in our times of need or worry.

Here are some of the names of God:

  • Elohim (God)
  • Yahweh (Lord, Jehovah)
  • El Elyon (The Most High God)
  • Adonai (Lord, Master)
  • El Shaddai (Lord God Almighty)
  • El Olam (The Everlasting God)
  • Jehovah Jireh (The Lord Will Provide)
  • Jehovah Rapha (The Lord Who Heals You)
  • Jehovah Nissi (The Lord Is My Banner)
  • Jehovah Mekoddishkem (The Lord Who Sanctifies You)
  • Jehovah Shalom (The Lord Is Peace)
  • Jehovah Sabaoth (The Lord of Hosts)
  • Jehovah Raah (The Lord Is My Shepherd)
  • Jehovah Tsidkenu (The Lord Our Righteousness)
  • Jehovah Shammah (The Lord Is There)

We can see God’s names revealed throughout the bible, usually when people either faced a great need, or when God blessed them in a spectacular way.

It’s the same today. God still wants to reveal Himself to each one of us. In Psalm 91 there is some amazing promises for those who acknowledge or know His name. 

Because he set his love on me, therefore I will save him;

I will set him [securely] on high, because he knows My name [he confidently trusts and relies on Me, knowing I will never abandon him, no, never].

He will call upon me, and I will answer him;

I will be with him in trouble;

I will rescue him and honor him.

With a long life I will satisfy him

And I will let him see my salvation.” (Psalm 91:14-16)

God wants us to know Him, and to know His name so that we will confidently trust and rely on Him, knowing that He will never abandon us.

For us to know: He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer; He is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord our Provider; He is Jehovah Shalom, the Lord our peace. He is Jehovah Raah, our Shepherd.

When life begins to press in, we can draw upon the knowledge of who God is and declare His names back to Him. (“Lord, You are holy, you are Victor; you are Sovereign; you are the Way; you are the Truth; You are the Life; You are my provider, my healer, my strong tower, my peace.

When we worship and declare whom God is, all of heaven responds, and His power is released to defeat every weapon that may have been formed against us. It defeats fear, worry, anxiety, sickness, lack, and anything else that rises up against the promises of God.

Today, start discovering how to become a worshipper instead of worrier. Learn His name, and the promise behind it. Then choose to worship; knowing that it leads us into His presence, silences the enemy, and releases the power of heaven on our behalf.

You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.” (Psalm 8:2)

Do not forget the covenant I have made with you, and do not worship other gods. Rather, worship the LORD your God; it is he who will deliver you from the hand of all your enemies.” (2 Kings 17:38-39)

“Ascribe to the LORD the glory due his name; worship the LORD in the splendour of holiness”.(Psalm 29:2)

 “Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the LORD, our Maker!” ( Psalm 95:6)

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving, and his courts with praise! Give thanks to him; bless his name!” (Psalm 100:40)Wo

28 Sept – What are you afraid of?


Many people live in fear. Fear is defined as “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, or pain, whether the threat is real or imagined; Fear carries the feelings of foreboding, apprehension, dismay, dread, terror, fright, and panic”. In other words fear is not good, and the devil uses it to keep people in a state of worry and anxiety, thus preventing many people from enjoying life.

We all need to check what fears we have in our life. What are we afraid of, and where we  are limited because of our fears?

Some common fears are: fear of lack, death, loneliness, other people, commitment, heights, germs, closed-in spaces, airplanes, dogs, cats, failure, rejection, or being laughed at.

When we don’t deal with fear it leads to anxiety and worry, limiting our potential, and God’s purposes for our life. Which is exactly what the author of fear – the devil wants.

Therefore all of us must learn to deal with fear if we want to live free, and the best way to combat fear, is to get strong in it’s opposite; which is faith. And where does faith come from? From the word of God and hearing it.

So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” (Romans 10:17)

When we take an inventory of what we are feeling worried and fearful about, God will show us what the root cause of any worry and fear is. When we have that revelation, we can build our faith in that area by applying the truth of God’s word and His promises.

We apply His word by:

Finding every promise in God’s word on the subject of our particular worry and fear.

Writing God’s word down. Put it on your phone, white board, the bathroom mirror, wherever you will see it.

Speaking God’s word out – faith comes from hearing. Every time the fear rises up or thoughts cause you to worry, get the promises of God’s word and speak them over your fear, and “stick it” to the fear.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)

“When I am afraid, I put my trust in you.”(Psalm 56:3) 

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” (2 Timothy 1:7) 

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” (Psalm 23:4)

Our faith in God, and what He says will remove and replace any fear with faith and peace, setting us free.

Today face your fears, and ask God to bring revelation of the root of your anxiety and fear. Once you have that revelation, apply the word of God, build your faith and break the bondage of fear.

Prayer: Lord I thank you that I don’t need to live in fear, for you are faithful to your promises and their ability to work in my life. Help me to face my fears, and trust in you and your promises, so that I can live in freedom. In Jesus name Amen.


27 Sept -Cast all your cares!


There is a verse in the bible that says  Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:6-7)

Anxiety and feeling troubled, affects thousands and thousands of people worldwide. It’s like we have an anxiety epidemic. There are many things that we can be concerned about, especially with the daily reports of situations and suffering happening in the world, and in our personal lives. The trouble is if we’re not mindful and aware of how we are processing these issues, the devil will use them to cause us to worry and suffer from anxiety.

Anxiety and worrying are the opposite of faith, and if there is one thing I have learnt, it’s that worry steals our peace. This causes our stress levels to rise and eventually, if unchecked will make us sick.

More often than not our worrying is because we are not trusting God to take care of us. We doubt His love and kindness, often because we have been let down, disappointed or hurt by other people in our past, and we don’t trust anyone. Therefore we remain in control, and it’s difficult for us to trust God.

The thing is, there are some things in life we are unable to fix ourselves; the task or situation is too big. We need help, and God says He is our help.

God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” (Psalm 46:1)

 “For we do not have a High Priest who cannot sympathise with our weaknesses, but was in all points tempted as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” (Hebrews 4:15-16)

God’s ways are different from our ways, and He wants us to live free from worry and anxiety. But to live like that we have to live by His ways and not our own. When things come up that cause us to become anxious and worried, God wants us to seek His help.

The bible is like a God’s manual for life, and it has alot to say about how to deal with worry.

1 Peter 5:6-7 says, “Therefore humble yourselves [demote, lower yourselves in your own estimation] under the mighty hand of God, that in due time He may exalt you, casting the whole of your care [all your anxieties, all your worries, all your concerns, once and for all] on Him, for He cares for you affectionately and cares about you watchfully.

To deal with worry and anxiety God encourages us to:

1.Humble ourselves; that means we have to let go of the controls and ask for help.

2.Cast all our cares on Him. Give them over to Him, and then don’t take them back. When we do that, our concerns are His concern. Ask yourself “How are things working out for me doing things my way” As long as we try to do everything ourselves, God will let us. But perhaps instead of making ourselves miserable trying to figure everything out on our own we can give them over to God to sort out. When we do that God is able to release His miracle working power into our situation.

God didn’t create us to live anxious lives only relying on ourselves all the time. He wants us to  trust Him, so we are free to do the good things He has planned for us, and to enjoy His blessings; as He meets our every need.

Today, why not try God’s way of doing things. Ask for His help, acknowledge your need, cast all your cares upon Him, and then watch His miracle working power go to work in your life.

Prayer: Lord thank you that you care about every area of my life. Please help me to cast all my cares on you, and to learn to trust you more. In Jesus Name Amen.

26 Sept -Try something new!


There’s something important to realise about friendships and relationships. The majority of our friendships are activity based. This means that throughout life, we will meet most of our friends through some kind of social activity, and become connected by mutual and common interests.

If we don’t participate in social activities, or ever make ourselves step out of our comfort zones from time to time, we will miss out on the majority of opportunities to make friends and meet new people.

Social activities can be almost anything: Working on something together in school or at a job, playing sports together, studying together, meeting people at church, travelling together, and participating in a hobby together. The opportunities to connect with others is  only limited by our imagination.

As adults we usually need an activity as an excuse to get out and socialise. That’s because we can all get so busy we can forget to pursue other interests, or spend time building relationships. We find ourselves doing only what is absolutely necessary for daily existence. Often “bogged” down by everyday life, and no longer going out to socialise  We neglect exploring new or existing hobbies, meeting people or even spending time with the people we already know.

Jesus said, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone”. (Mark 16:15) But unless we actually meet people and go out into the world; into the places where people are, no one is ever going to hear “The Good News” from us.

Today I encourage you to press the pause button, and examine what you are spending your time doing. Are you just existing, or are you living? When did you last socialise or meet someone new? What interests are you pursuing, and when did you last have some fun?

Don’t get so busy making a living, that you forget to make a life!”

Jesus came to give us more than a life filled with work, and stress, and toil. Of falling exhausted onto the couch every night. He said “The thief comes only in order to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows”. (John 10:10 -Amplified Version) 

If you find you are in a “rut” be encouraged to make a list of all the places and activities you might consider exploring, and maybe even getting involved in. The world is waiting, and there are people God has planned for you to meet and share your life and story with.

Here are a few ideas to get your exploring and socialising started:

Acting, antiquing, archery, arts, basketball, bell ringing, beach, board games, bowling, cake decorating, camping, caving, cheer leading, chess, church, collecting stuff, cooking, crafts, cycling, dancing, drawing, entertaining, exercise, fencing, fishing, gardening, geocaching, golf, hiking, horse riding, kayaking, knitting, movies, model aircrafts/railroads, motor sports, mountain climbing/biking, music, playing an instrument, painting, photography, reading, running, sewing, singing, skiing, swimming, team sports, tennis, theatre, travelling, working on cars, weightlifting, wood working, writing, ultimate Frisbee, volunteering, zumba.

Prayer: Lord help me to see all the opportunities, places and people you have planned for me to explore. I don’t want to just go through my life existing, and not ever really living. Please give me the wisdom, energy  and boldness to get out into the world. To meet and be involved with those  activities and people you have purposed for me to meet and enjoy.  In Jesus Name Amen.

25 Sept-Random Acts of Kindness



We can look at our lives, and the world and wonder how we can do, or say anything that will make a difference. Many people say, “When I win lotto, I’ll help the poor, or give such and such some money”, or “someday when I’m really successful, or have my life sorted out, I’ll do lots of things for others.”

But what about the acts of kindness you can do right now? Sometimes our plan to do great things at some later date interferes with the opportunity and chance to do the little things; little acts of kindness right now!

Little acts of kindness may seem insignificant compared to the millions of dollars a big corporation can give, but God doesn’t ask us to be concerned about that. He simply says, “Love your neighbour , love those around you. (Matthew 22:39) Show kindness and compassion.

We may not be able to do great things all the time, but if we all did little acts of kindness, how much brighter would our world be?

What a difference we can make in the lives of the people who live next door, or across the street; the people that we meet each day. Some people go through their day not hearing a kind word, never receiving a smile or any encouragement. They live life wondering if anyone even cares.

So yes, your smile, kind words and actions do matter. They matter to the person at the cashier, the people you pass on the street; the mum who is struggling with her shopping, the neighbour who you bring the bin in for. Your acts of kindness matter to God, and it matters to those who you bestow kindness on.

We may not think we can change the world, or make a difference. But little acts of kindness do, because “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; but together we can do great things.” (Mother Teresa)

Recently one of our daughters, with the help of her friend had a goal to practice 50 acts of kindness in one day. They cooked, cleaned, left notes, money and gifts everywhere they went for the whole day. They smiled, and spoke encouraging words to countless numbers of people, and were on the look out all day as to where to put their acts of kindness into action. It proved quite a feat, but by the end of the day more than 50 people were blessed by their little acts of kindness. In return they had an absolute blast, and returned home full of joy at how they were able to bless others.

Those acts of kindness days have kept going, and now a group of them go and do acts of kindness together once a month. It may just be a little gift, or a thoughtful prayer and visit, but their little kindnesses continue to change how people look at themselves and the world. It lifts people up, and encourages and brings joy.

Instead of focusing on what we can’t do, let’s focus on the difference we can make, and practice acts of kindness. If we did one act of kindness every day of the year we’d touch and change 365 lives!

Prayer: Lord show me where to give kindness today. Remind me during the day to do a little act of kindness, whether it is simply to the people in my own home, or to those I work with or see during my day. Help me to make a difference in someone’s life today. In Jesus name Amen.

24 Sept – Be kind to yourself!


We can relate to others from positions of anger, greed, and hatred, or from kindness and compassion.

But firstly, perhaps it is helpful for us to become aware of how we treat ourselves, as it is key to seeing how we relate to others. Are we kind to our self? How do we talk to or about ourselves? Do we berate our self in ways we would never do so to a friend, or others? Are we highly self-critical?

God said, “Love your neighbour as yourself. (Matthew 12:31) But it’s difficult to love other people if we are not first kind and loving to our self. If we don’t value our own life and existence, how will we ever truly value others?

It takes time to change our attitudes toward ourselves, and subsequently others. It begins by becoming aware of our feelings and thoughts toward self.

God thinks you are worth His kindness, and He’s a good judge of character. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

If God says you are valuable and worth His kindness then it’s more than okay to show yourself a little kindness, nurturing, and care. To value yourself.  There are many acts of kindness you can direct toward yourself, from taking a guilt-free day off, to going and spoiling yourself doing something you enjoy for no particular reason. It’s talking better about yourself, and not calling yourself stupid, or weak, or anything less than what God says you are. It’s regularly “treating” yourself, and “cutting yourself some slack”.

Consider and take notice of how you relate to yourself and others throughout the day – is it with kindness or not?

If we can learn to give attention to how we treat others, and ourselves perhaps we will learn to be kinder. To not berate and put ourselves down so much. To not have such unrealistic expectations. We will learn to love ourselves more, because Jesus says we are worth loving. Actually He revealed by His actions when He died on the cross just how much we are valued and loved, because He stated quite clearly we are worth dying for.

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans 5:8)

Today take a fresh look in the mirror, and consider that such kindness was shown towards you; that you, yes you, were worth dying and paying the ultimate price for. Start to look at your life and the lives of others with that same perspective, and soon you will be giving love and kindness away to yourself and others too.

“For His lovingkindness is great toward us”. (Psalm 117:2)

Because Your lovingkindness is better than life, My lips will praise You” (Psalm 63:3)

Prayer: Lord thank you for your great kindness towards me. Help me to show myself that same kindness in valuing my life and realising that I am of great worth; that I was worth dying for.  Then teach me how to share and give that love and kindness to those around me. In Jesus Name Amen.

23 Sept -Think of someone to love!


Martin Luther King, Jr., said, “Hatred paralyses life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonises it. Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.

Love it would be fair to say “makes the world go around”. Love makes us flourish; it gives us a future. Love gives our lives meaning. Love makes us healthier.

The greatest science in the world, in heaven and on earth is love. And the most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved” (Mother Teresa)

How often does our attention and thoughts get caught up in thinking about the opposite of love – on negativity and the people who irritate us? Our minds and hearts can easily focus on the negative, annoying and even strange behaviour of others, and within a short space of time we are filled with negativity and unlovely thoughts and emotions.

But what if we spent a moment, every day thinking of someone to love? If first thing in the morning we asked ourselves and God the question “Who can I love today? Who can I send some love to today?”

God said His love in us never fails. That’s because His love is so powerful. The world and everything in it is framed by that love, and we are also made with an immense capacity to love if we will open up our hearts.

God says, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, is not easily angered, it keeps no account of wrongs. Love takes no pleasure in evil, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never fails.” (1 Corinthians 13:4-8)

When we wake up asking “Who can I love”, and keep on thinking that throughout the day, our attention is directed towards the positive as we consciously think and pray of people to love. Our minds are geared towards love, and the good in people and the world. Instead of judging and getting annoyed we are redirecting our thoughts and hearts to love them.

Mother Teresa also said, “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”

Today “Don’t waste time bothering whether you “love” your neighbour,  act as if you do”  For love is not something you just feel, it is something you do. (C.S. Lewis)

Ask everyday,  “who can I love today, and then go and do just that!

“If we have got the true love of God abroad in our hearts, we will show it in our lives. We will not have to go up and down the earth proclaiming it. We will show it in everything we say or do.” (Dwight Moody)

22 Sept – Little by Little


I’ve heard it said that we live in a “microwave society”. We want everything now and instantly, often becoming frustrated when we have to wait.

I remember when my husband and I were first married we didn’t have a microwave, and I constantly kept forgetting to take the meat out of the freezer early enough for it to defrost for the evening meal. Without a microwave to ‘zap” the frozen meat, there would still be a half frozen lump of meat sitting in the fridge or bench by late afternoon, no doubt messing up my dinner plans. I had to learn to be prepared, to not do things in a last minute rush and to plan and think ahead.

However the world we live in seldom wants to wait for anything, and many of us don’t prepare or think too far ahead. We often want things to be different in our lives, for our dreams to come to pass, but we don’t or won’t walk the process that brings the needed transformational change. When it comes to our spiritual lives we may hear about people who are doing amazing exploits for God, or have great faith and boldness. and we wish our lives could be more like theirs.

But what we don’t often realise or acknowledge is that when it comes to transformational change it doesn’t happen “overnight, especially when we are doing things God’s way. If we are going to grow, reach our goals and do great things in our life it will be accomplished a little bit at a time. God’s been writing our story within His story since the beginning of time, and even if we are in a hurry, He doesn’t ever seem to be.

This is where God’s principle of “little by little” applies. It can be both a comfort and helpful instruction to help us stick to doing something a little everyday.

God revealed his little-by-little principle to His people when they came to the land He had promised them. They had just been delivered from slavery in Egypt and were now in the wilderness on their way to the Promised Land.

Deuteronomy 7:22 says, “And the Lord your God will drive out those nations before you little by little; you will be unable to destroy them at once, lest the beasts of the field become too numerous for you” (NKJV).

The nations mentioned in this passage were the “ites” of the Promised Land: the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, etc.  There were seven “ites” nations – described as mightier than the children of Israel – who were occupying the land, which God had promised to give to His people.

God advised the people that they would be unable to possess the land all at once. But why not? Hadn’t God just miraculously delivered them all from slavery in Egypt, parting the Red Sea for them to escape? Couldn’t God simply cause the Israelites to take their Promised Land in a similar miraculous event?

At times God’s work in our lives is sudden and instantaneous, and it’s great when He moves in our lives like that. But more often than not, there is a process – and it’s in the process that God works on our character, our strength, our patience, our faith, and on who we are, and how we see ourselves.

When we look back we can often see that process over time; just not usually when we are in the middle of it. That’s where we have to trust God; that He is faithful to complete what He has started in us, and that He knows best.

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” (Philippians 1:6)

Some days may not feel like a success, but if we stay consistent and we looked at our results over time, like plotting on a graph, it would reveal a definite line or curve slanting upwards; with ups and downs along the way.

God outlined the little-by-little principle in the account of the Israelites story in Exodus 23:29-30 when he said,  Little by little I will drive them out from before you, until you have increased, and you inherit the land (NKJV).

Real strength and growth come in our lives as we consistently do the things that make us grow and reach our goals. If it’s fitness, we exercise regularly, preferably every day. If it’s to eat better, we choose to eat well everyday. If we want to excel at playing an instrument or become proficient at some other skill, it is in the daily practice that we find success and accomplishment. It we want to draw closer to God, knowing Him more and building our faith, then we read God’s word everyday, we keep it before our eyes, ears and heart everyday.

We just don’t do those things when we want to or feel like it, but constantly, following the little by little principle.

If there is something that you wish you did more regularly, try doing it every day, on a regular basis. Write every day, pack a lunch every day, go for a walk or exercise in some way every day, read every day. Spend time with God everyday, read and listen to His word everyday. Pray everyday. A little bit everyday and it get’s easier, until suddenly one day you find yourself seeing results.

Today decide to begin practicing the “little by little” principle everyday in the pursuits that will help you to become the person you were made to be.

Prayer: Lord, please help me to begin the daily process of doing something everyday toward growing and being who you made me to be. Help me to be consistent as I keep increasing my faith, skills and knowledge of you and what you have planned for my life. In Jesus name Amen.

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